The Process and Resources

It all starts with a conversation.  


Each client is unique.  Each solution is unique.  

We will meet and discuss the issues you want addressed and I will point out things you may not have considered.   Following up, I will present several solutions to address the issues, and explain the pluses and minuses of each one.  Together then, we will select a strategy and implement and review as the year progresses. There is no one-size-fits-all portfolio or strategy.  Each one is uniquely tailored to you.

I access additional resources if necessary. 

If we need an advanced case design for life insurance I will again go to several and see who has the best solution.  Being associated with a large broker dealer, I have access to advanced planning resources that will work with me and you on a particular planning issue.  I have access to a network of attorneys that can help with all the legal aspects.

Much like a coach or manager, I will assemble whatever players you need to help you pursue your goals.

Send me an email or call to get started.